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The website is administered by the René Iché Estate which holds the moral and patrimonial rights of the artist and manages the works of the Estate. 


For any question related to René Iché or his works (biographical information, authentication and inclusion in the catalogue raisonné, publishing or exhibition) please use the form below.

The Pauline Pavec Gallery represents the René Iché Estate.


Thank you


1. Object


This document details the application of the General Data Protection Regulations within the RENE ICHE-Estate site .

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

2 / Contact details of the data controller


These contact details are available on request via the contact form above.

3 / How is personal information collected?


On the site personal information is collected when you complete the online forms made available to you or when you log into your customer account. More specifically, your personal information is collected when:

  • you make contact via the contact form,

  • you subscribe to the newsletter,

  • you create a customer account,

  • you log into your account

  • you shop on the site.


No data is collected without your consent.

4 / What information is collected?

The personal data collected are:

  • your first and last name

  • Your email

  • your client number

  • your phone number

  • your address

  • the data of your orders.

5 / For what purpose RENE ICHE-Estate collects and stores your personal information?

Your personal information collected for

  • Manage and personalize subscribers

  • Manage, deliver and personalize your orders

  • Customize the service

  • Optimize and improve the offer

6 / The right to confidentiality & Protection of the data collected


We are the sole owners of the data collected on this site. Your personal information will not be sold, transferred, exchanged, or given to another company for any reason without your consent, other than what is necessary to respond to one of your requests or a transaction such as for example shipping your orders.


We do not have access to your banking information during transactions.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Everything is done to protect your personal data.

The Wix host and online payment sites such as Paypal and Stripe use secure encryption to protect your data transmitted online. The whole site is in https.

To find out more about their personal data protection policy on WIX and PAYPAL:

Data stored offline is also protected. They are kept in the form of digital files in storage devices with secure access.

We are the only people who have access to the information we keep offline.

7 / The use of cookies


Cookies are used to improve access to the site and identify repeat visitors. Cookies improve the user experience by tracking and targeting their interests.

However, this use of cookies is not linked to personally identifiable information on the site.

8 / Retention / unsubscription period


Your personal data kept for an indefinite period but you can unsubscribe at any time by sending your request using the contact form above.

9 / Law


You have a right of opposition, access, rectification, erasure, limitation, portability of your personal data.

To assert your rights, send your request using the contact form above.

10 / Consent

By using the site , by completing the newsletter subscription form, by creating a customer account, you agree to this privacy policy.

Created on April 8, 2021

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